Friday, December 31, 2010

bag voyeurism

It's always fun to see what everyone else is carrying around in their beloved bags.I mean - this curiosity is especially applicable when I see someone around the city with a Balenciaga weekender or a Keepall 50 - I love big bags too but what could you possibly have in there to warrant such ginormity?
I took these pics a couple days ago,when I've been trying to jam everything into my Speedy 35.

So here I have:
_my Wayfarers 
_Harrods make up bag
_my Juicy Couture wallet that I only like because of the huge coin compartment
_my Apple headphones which I bought in Los Angeles,it's such a souvenir
_Marc Jacobs hearted mirror
_my iPhone
_NYC moleskine where I collect everything inside(notes,addresses,memories,etc...)
_my iPod touch with the Paul Frank cover(yaaaaaaaay!)
_Mentos gum
_Yves Rocher Rose Isphan lipstick (LOVE. LOVVVVVE.)
_little hair brush
_keys with attached Tour Eiffel and Love charms that I bought in Paris three years ago
_Sephora antibacterical gel

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